Mysterical-E publishes short story


Mysterical-E Fall-Winter 2019

My short mystery, “A Hand in Murder,” has been published at

Mysterical-E has been publishing mysteries and crime fiction for over twenty years, and “A Hand in Murder” appears in its Fall/Winter 2019 issue. Over the years, Mysterical-E has also published stories by novelist and playwright Nina Mansfield, author Elizabeth Zelvin, and Edgar Award-winning author Art Taylor, so I’m in great company.

The full issue is available for free here:

“A Hand in Murder” is about a pre-law student who investigates his cousin’s arrest for chopping off someone’s hand who’d died from the wound. At 6,000 words, it’s ten pages printed—an easy fifteen-minute read. It includes profanity and descriptions of violence; reader discretion is advised.

Mysterical-E allows for comments at the bottom of each story in the issue.

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